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KK 01-10 for Advanced Metering Infrastructure Systems


  • Rated voltage 220 V
  • Operating voltage range from 143 V to 253 V
  • Power consumption max. 5 W
  • Rated mains frequency 50 Hz
  • Radio-module operating frequency 2.4 GHz
  • Max. radio-module output power + 17 dbm
  • Temperature range for:
    operation from -40 °С to +80 °С
    storage from -45 °С to +80 °С
  • storage from -45 °С to +80 °С
  • Weight max. 1 kg

The KK-01 switching controller is a functional device designed to operate within AMRS. The controller enables communication between any electricity meter equipped with a radio channel module and a data controller. Data transfer between meters and a switching controller is made through IEEE802.15.4 radio channel (2.4 GHz), and the data controller – through one of the interfaces (chosen in advance) (depending on a device configuration). The controller has a hermetic casing. It is powered from the single-phase alternating current network through mains leads connected to the device terminal block. The device is mounted by means of standard casing fasteners.