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Field controller RPC101

Is dedicated for distributed systems and telemechanics (TM). In single device is assembled the main functional for control, monitoring and management of field devices. It allows create flexible and scalable systems of dispatch control. The philosophy of distributed controllers deployment is most profitable and economically expedient, because it is bought so much controllers how many sufficiently in order to telemechanise the facility in predetermined scope.

At the heart of controller lies an industrial processor with the function of meter that allows measure the main mode network parameters with high accuracy.

For equipment control are foreseen 4 galvanically isolated discrete inputs.

Control of actuating mechanism is realized with help of 2 relays capable to commutate 16A 250V of alternating current. The relays are galvanically isolated from the measuring part of controller.

The controller is easily integrating to all systems of dispatch control and compatible with all controllable telemechanics points supporting MODBUS protocol.

Controller advantages

  • Application in distributed systems of ТМ
  • Powerful measuring processor
  • 4 galvanically isolated discrete inputs
  • 2 powerful relays
  • MODBUS protocol
  • Simple setting with help of configuration utility
  • Warranty 2 years

Technical parameters

Number of measurement channels 2 (U,I) RMS
Measuring units U,I, P, cosφ, Wp
Accuracy class 1
Number of discrete inputs 4
Number of discrete outputs 2
Interface Digital RS-485
Supporting protocols MODBUS
Supply 12 VDC
Sizes 142.2х90.3х32.5mm