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Smart energy for a Smart world

About Us

NIK is one of the world leading company which is capable of providing full service in Smart Grid. Starting from own developed software ending with client-oriented meters. Based in Kyiv, Ukraine we are looking around to become more sufficient apart from local, but community left behind classic western perspective. New ways, new countries, the more development world may offer to those who are looking for emerging markets.

Apart from this NIK is covering areas of:

We create Advanced Metering Infrastructure (Advanced Meter Management systems) under the NovaSys trademark on the basis of smart electricity meters, industrial controllers and other equipment we manufacture. AMI NovaSys is managed by our own NovaSys Software.
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Development of Smart Grid system, designing solutions for oil and gas industry, providing protection for various resources and human lives is placing new challenges for technical team of NIK. This is why we decided to become presented in Kazakhstan, Georgia, Ukraine.