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Intelligent Cathodic Protection System ICP

An effective electrochemical (cathodic) protection for underground metal structures such as gas and oil pipelines, products pipelines, tanks and other public utility facilities is essential for ensuring uninterruptible transmission and distribution of energy resources and, under certain circumstances, can even be treated as a national security issue.

Using our own innovative solutions for controlled energy consumption, NIK has developed the Intelligent Cathodic Protection (ICP) system, combining unique functionality with great efficiency. The ICP system consists of the following key components: Cathodic Protection Point (CPP), Managing Terminal (MT) and Protected Object (PO). CPP includes the following functional modules: Power Terminal (PT) and Remote Control Terminal (RMT). A distinct advantage of an integrated CPP over similar existing solutions is that it allows local and remote adjustment and stabilization of main cathodic protection parameters such as output voltage, current intensity and protection potential of PO.


With advanced functionality and increased reliability, the ICP system:


  •  is designed for continuous operation in a 24-hour mode (25-year warranty);
  •  is resistant to external short-circuits and temperature fluctuations;
  •  provides on-line control over power consumption of the ICP system and its modules;
  •  enables transmission, control and adjustment of cathodic protection parameters by means of MT via a flexible GSM network;
  • allows the creation (on a software and hardware level) of a Smart Grid system, linking a number of CPPs and ensuring automatic protection of PO without any distance limits;
  • allows the operator to learn how to use the ICP system quickly and easily thanks to a user-friendly interface of software solutions, embedded into the remote MT.


NIK manufactures and maintains electrochemical (cathodic) protection systems for underground metal structures such      as gas and oil pipelines, and tanks exposed to soil corrosion.

The remote control unit (RCU) for a cathodic protection station (CPS) is the core of NIK cathodic protection systems.

The RCU is designed to modernize diode, diode-thyristor and thyristor cathodic protection stations

  • The RCU is installed between the output of the CPS to be modernized and the facility to be cathodically protected. Current intensity, voltage and protection potential of the facility are adjusted by changing the angle of the RCU switch opening. The voltage of 220V is supplied to the modernized cathodic protection station not directly from the distribution cabinet, but through the RCU, i.e. through an electricity meter installed in the RCU, a circuit breaker and a contactor (optional).
  • The cathodic protection station equipped with an RCU facilitate local and remote adjustment and stabilization of output voltage, current intensity or protection potential of pipelines and other metal structures, and to measure cathodic protection parameters and transmit measurement results to the dispatch center and other external devices.
  • The RCU has climate version “U” and usage category 1.1 in accordance with GOST 15150-69 and is designed for operation in confined unmanned rooms without heating.
  • The RCU is designed for continuous operation in a 24-hour mode.
  • The RCU is resistant to internal and external short-circuits.
  • In the event of a power failure the RCU automatically resumes its operation with preset control parameters after the electricity supply is restored.
  • The RCU is equipped with variable resistors and surge arresters to protect against lightning overvoltage in the mains and load.
  • Information is transmitted to the dispatch center via GSM network in channel and packet switching modes.
  • RCU service life is 25 years.
  • A group of RCUs can be united into a single system in order to automatically maintain protection potential in the entire pipeline.