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Smart energy for a Smart world

Energy Consulting services are provided to reduce energy costs through efficient use of power, natural gas and other energy resources, as well as to implement Advanced Meter Management solutions.

NIK uses only cutting-edge technologies in electric and heat energy generation, energy resources monitoring and metering

NIK's main customers are:

  • energy generation companies
  • power supply companies
  • construction and development companies
  • utility management companies
  • oil and gas companies
  • coke production and metallurgy companies
  • waste disposal companies
  • etc.

All energy consulting projects are implemented in two stages:

Stage 1: Decision Making

  • Baseline Study
  • Energy Strategy Development
  • Economic Assessment
  • Selection of the Best Solution

Stage 2: Implementation

  • Action Plan Development
  • Project Preparation, Coordination and Monitoring
  • Advanced Meter Management Implementation

As your independent partner, we develop an individual energy management concept to meet your needs and exceed your expectations in order to increase the efficiency of your business.