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Smart energy for a Smart world

Education with NIK

NIK has a long-term experience in implementing the metering and electricity/heat generating/management systems across the Ukraine. At the same time, our advanced systems were also placed at the territory of EU, Asia, Meddle East, Near East, etc. We have learnt to implement both the smart and conventional metering systems at innovative platforms in CIS.

Nowadays, we provide qualified training of implementation for employees of Utilities as well as for individuals.

Utility benefits from our upscaling program that their employees become qualified workers who are able to implement smart and simple projects within various territories. Whether this is urban landscape or rural this is vital to have ability for Utility to control the implementation of metering devices. This control may be proceeded through the advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) systems or by the control and monitoring ‘PowerSys’ SCADA systems developed by NIK.

The process of application and actual studying can be done within 6 steps:

  1. Check the available date with our manager;
  2. Fill the request form; get visa clarifications and fees;
  3. Visit production line to make sure that training will be provided at highest level;
  4. Employees are coming through short term course;
  5. Students implement practically smart systems;
  6. We provide test and certification for students.

Education of employees gives such benefits as:

  • You do raise in Corporate Social Employer ranking by creating value (adds points at NASDAQ);
  • Validation for work with Installation Companies or even you no longer rely on their services and contracts;
  • You might collaborate with green startups;
  • Educated implementers are an asset to maintain longer life span period of metering equipment.

We prefer giving our Partners key solutions, full package in other words in order to make sure that all processes from training of employees till actual work of systems are done according to the International Standards and Regulations.

NIK LLC for Dealers: We provide market support, training, materials.

NIK LLC for Government incentives: We provide comprehensive analysis of Grid; help to find unique and optimal solutions; we teach staff to implement energy SAVING systems.

NIK LLC has competitive advantages such as: anti-theft systems, flexible price, production facility in Europe (open to visitors).

On the other side, it has competitive disadvantages which we face: production ability 120 000 units per month and it takes time to get permits and certificates for entering the new markets.

As an expert in Energy Trends at political, economical, technological, social and environmental aspects we would like to make following statements:

For local Entrepreneurs - Look beyond the borders of your country, think regional and global.

For foreign Entrepreneurs - Look beyond markets for projects validation.

Foreign investor looks in to hidden gems, unskilled labor today, is lowering IPO tomorrow.

For foreign companies take advantage of Governmental incentives, Era of Smart Grid allows more opportunities up to 2020/2030 years.