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Smart energy for a Smart world

NIK’s key business activities also include development, implementation and maintenance of Advanced Metering Infrastructure solutions based on its own energy metering devices, controllers and software.

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) is a powerful tool, allowing any industrial company to save energy and significantly reduce its energy consumption. With the help of AMI technologies an industrial company can fully manage, monitor and control the entire process of energy consumption, enjoy the flexibility of being able to change to another tariff agreed upon with energy suppliers and effectively reduce its energy costs. AMI enables automatic electricity metering and provides a general view of electricity consumption of each facility in near real-time mode. As a result the connection of your facilities can be scheduled with the utmost efficiency. With AMI any company will benefit from differentiated tariffs for electricity and this, in its turn, helps to plan and manage manufacturing processes in such a manner that allows most energy-consuming operations to be conducted during the off-peak tariff period.
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