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Smart energy for a Smart world

 NovaSyS. Advanced Metering Infrastructure

Nowadays, when population of the Earth is growing steadily, a significant rise of the energy consumption poses a new challenge to the utilities around the world. A drastic increase in demand during the peak-periods threatens the reliability and the security of the grid infrastructure, and the overall stability of the energy supply. One approach to tackle this problem is to shift the load to off-peak periods which can be easily implemented by employing the Time-of-Use tariff schemes and providing the incentives for customers to change their consumption behavior.

 A basic step to implementing such strategy and maximizing the efficiency of the system is installation of the Smart Meters followed by the deployment of the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI). It presents a configured infrastructure of smart metering equipment, communication network, data management system and means allowing the integration of collected data into software application platforms and interfaces. AMI is tailored to provide a tool for precise control of the consumed energy and can be implemented at both residential and industrial premises. The collected data can be used to analyze the consumption patterns, identify the theft, predict and prevent the equipment failures, etc. 

AMI is a foundation of a new Smart Grid concept addressing the existing and emerging challenges of the energy sector. The Smart Grid modernizes the traditional grid with the help of Information Technology and is aimed at improving reliability, predictability and adaptability of the infrastructure, etc.