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Smart energy for a Smart world

Advanced Metering Infrastructure

NovaSyS EnergySale. AMI for Residential Sector



At NIK, we provide solutions which correspond to the latest trends in the industry and are aimed at helping both residential and industrial sectors to improve their performance.







For the residential sector, our proprietary AMI system – NovaSys Energy Sale – targets the existing and recurring problems including but not limited to:

  • Accurate electricity metering, data collection and transfer via several communication channels –wired or wireless;
  • Monitoring of electricity consumption and timely payments with the ability to remote connect/disconnect of debtors;
  • Prevention and control of the unauthorized energy consumption (energy theft);
  • Control over the electricity supply and demand balances for districts, substations and houses;
  • Forecasting the electricity demand;
  • Operating cost reduction and unlimited expandability of the scanned network.