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Intertek ASTA


      We are placed to inform that on 06th of April 2018, NIK-ELEKTRONIKA LLC has received the Intertek (ASTA) type tests certificates for its single NIK 2104 and three NIK 2307 phase smart electricity meters.

      Type tests have been carried out in accordance with standards: IEC 62052-11: 2003, IEC 62053-21: 2003. All results are in agreement with stated standards and confirming with certificates: NIK 2104 – Certificate No. 21614 and NIK 2307 – Certificate No. 21615.

     ASTA was founded in 1938 and became one of the most authoritative in the world for testing, certification, and accreditation of electrical products. ASTA Certificates are truly recognized internationally and confirm the high quality and safety of the product.

      NIK-ELEKTRONIKA LLC, manufacturer of electricity meters NIK, will continue improving the quality and functionality of its products in order to satisfy the customer needs by following the world tendencies in the field of Smart Grid.